Santa Susana Performing Arts Boosters
S.S.H.S. Simi Valley, California 

Your support is key...

During a typical school year our Performing Arts programs do quite a bit of their own fundraising which enables them purchase the items necessary, to provide each student with the best possible experience.

Your contribution can furnish things like sheet music, costumes, instrument repair, field trips, artists in residence and so much more!

 The challenge we face is that this has not been a typical year, and even though we can see light at the end of the tunnel it will likely be quite a while until our programs recover from the affects of the pandemic. 

Through your generous donations we will be able to ensure that current and future performing arts students will receive the same level of excellence these programs have always maintained.

Thank you for your consideration and continued support, all donations are greatly appreciated.  


What your donation provides...

The Performing Arts Boosters is a non profit organization created to support the Santa Susana High School Performing Arts programs. If you prefer to make a donation that will benefit all our performing arts you can make it directly to SSPAB! 

In the graph above you can see exactly where SSPAB donations go. As you can see a great deal of the contributions go to scholarships for our qualifying  P.A. graduating senior,. your gift will help make dreams come true!

All SSPAB donations are tax deductible! 

Our tax ID is  501(c)(3) non-profit Tax ID 77-0458044


Our Mission... 

Founded on principles of service to Santa Susana High School and dedication to its performing arts programs, Santa Susana Performing Arts Boosters (SSPAB) strives to advocate for those programs within the school and the surrounding community; to promote program performances and activities, encouraging attendance by students, parents, friends and community members; to support the programs and their directors/teachers with volunteers and fundraising; and to assist graduating performing arts program students by providing scholarships.