Santa Susana Performing Arts Boosters
Simi Valley, California - Home of the Troubadours

SSPAB Mission

Founded on principles of service to Santa Susana High School and dedication to its performing arts programs, Santa Susana Performing Arts Boosters (SSPAB) strives to advocate for those programs within the school and the surrounding community; to promote program performances and activities, encouraging attendance by students, parents, friends and community members; to support the programs and their directors/teachers with volunteers and fundraising; and to assist graduating performing arts program students by providing scholarships.

Who We Are

Santa Susana Performing Arts Boosters (SSPAB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charity in operation to support all Performing Arts programs at Santa Susana High School.

Our organization began years ago as the Santa Susana Instrumental Music Boosters but over the years has grown to include 5 departments:


                           Instrumental Music (IM) 


                           Vocal Music (VM)


SSPAB is an all volunteer organization which includes an executive board, dues-paying members, volunteers, and donors.

The 2020-2021 SSPAB Board Members:

Executive Officers

President:  Gwenn Reep
Vice President:  Melissa Tabolsky
Treasurer:   Melissa Tabolsky (we are looking for a Treasurer for 2021-2022)

Appointed Officers
Parliamentarian: Andy Mattick

Publicity/Communications: Lianne Coleman

Ways & Means

Membership: Lianne Coleman

Webmaster/Social Media:  Meredith DeVere


Department Representatives

Instrumental Music:  Lori Cromley 

Stagecraft: Laura Mayoral  

Theatre: Karen Rich & Judy LeBron
Vocal Music: Laurie Harrison (VM Admin.) Lisa Flores & Meredith DeVere

Dance: Donna Boyd Grey


Pact Foundation: Sue Martinez

School Administration: Aimee Spurbeck-Boian: AP

What We Do

SSPAB meet monthly, along with school administrators, to coordinate plans for supporting the Performing Arts Departments.

Department Representatives assist each Performing Arts Department Director and Student Leadership Officers in organizing events and fund-raising efforts for their individual departments.

Boosters volunteer their time as chaperons and assistants for Performing Arts events such as performances and competitions.

Boosters host concession sales and/or fundraisers at most Performing Arts events. Money raised through the Boosters goes back into the Performing Arts Departments for such things as: 

  • Annual Performing Arts Senior Scholarships
  • Purchase of supplies and equipment 
  • Drinks and/or food for performers at events